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UPSIDES researchers
Lion Gai Meir talks about Peer Support
Train-the-Trainer Workshop Tanzania

Press releases

Press release from the University Clinic Ulm about UPSIDES, February 2018: Download

Universitätsklinikum Ulm. Psychische Erkrankungen: Gemeinsam aus der Krise: Link (accessed April 19, 2021).

Universitätsklinikum Ulm. UPSIDES: Bessere Unterstützung für Menschen mit schweren psychischen Erkrankungen durch Genesungsbegleiter*innen: Link (accessed Mar 12, 2021).

Deutsches Ärzteblatt. Projekt will Versorgung psychisch Kranker in Entwicklungsländern: Link (accessed Mar 12, 2021).

II. Peer support workers and service users

UPSIDES Israel PSWs (2020). Quotes for Global Peer Support Celebration Day, posted 15/10/2020: Link

UPSIDES Peer Support Team Ulm (2020). UPSIDES Ulm contribution to Global Peer Support Celebration Day (photo), posted 15/10/2020: Link

Jasmine Kalha (2020). UPSIDES India contribution to Global Peer Support Celebration Day (video), posted 15/10/2020: Link

Imke Heuer (2020). UPSIDES Hamburg contribution to Global Peer Support Celebration Day (video), posted 16/10/2020: Link

Eddie Nkurunungi (2020). UPSIDES Uganda contribution to Global Peer Support Celebration Day (video), posted 16/10/2020: Link

Izi Gever (2020). UPSIDES Israel contribution to Global Peer Support Celebration Day (video), posted 19/10/2020: Link

UPSIDES Hamburg PSWs (2020). Quotes for Global Peer Support Celebration Day (German), posted 22/10/2020: Link

Interview with Barbara, who is working as UPSIDES peer support worker in Ulm (04/03/2020): Link

Interview with David, who is working as UPSIDES peer support worker in Ulm (04/03/2020): Link

Kohlmann, B (2020): My life in Corona times: Germany, May 20. In: Life during the Corona virus: view from the ground Vol. 3; Newsletter of the World Association of Psychosocial Rehabilitation (WAPR), pp. 12-13. Edited by M. Farkas, M. Borg, M. Lavdas. Boston, USA.: Download

III. People interested in the implementation of UPSIDES peer support

Reports and experiences

Nixdorf R. (2020). Report on the Train-the-Trainer Workshop in Vienna: Download

Nixdorf R. (2019). Report on the Train-the-Trainer Workshop in Tanzania: Download


Mahlke C., Nixdorf R., Repper J., Charles A., Slade M., Ryan G., Hall C., Bailie D., Hiltensperger R., Müller-Stierlin A., Nakku J., Mpango R., Shamba D., Ramesh M., Garber-Epstein P., Moran GS., Kalha J., Korde P., Puschner B., and UPSIDES Peer Support Trainers (2020). UPSIDES Peer Support Training Manual and Workbook: field version.

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    UPSIDES webinar: peer support in India (30/01/2020)
    UPSIDES webinar: peer support in Africa (31/01/2020)
    UPSIDES webinar: peer support in Israel (06/02/2020)
    UPSIDES webinar: peer support in Germany (06/02/2020)

    Policy briefs

    IV. Scientific Community

    In addition to the links below, all peer-reviewed publications and quantitative supporting data are also available at the Ulm University’s repository OPARU.


    Journal articles

    Silvia Krumm, Maria Haun, Selina Hiller, Ashleigh Charles, Jasmine Kalha, Jackie Niwemuhwezi, Rebecca Nixdorf, Bernd Puschner, Grace Ryan, Donat Shamba, Paula Garber Epstein and Galia Moran (2022) Mental health workers' perspectives on peer support in high-, middle- and low income settings: a focus group study. BMC Psychiatry 22, 604. DOI: 10.1186/s12888-022-04206-5

    Charles AKorde PNewby C, Grayzman A, Hiltensperger R, Mahlke C, Moran G, Nakku J, Niwemuhwezi J, Nixdorf R, Paul E, Puschner B, Ramesh M, Ryan G, Shamba D, Kalha J, Slade M (2022) Proportionate translation of study materials and measures in a multinational global health trial: methodology development and implementation. 

    Rebecca Nixdorf, Lena Nugent, Rabeea'h Aslam, Sarah Barber, Ashleigh Charles, Lion Gai Meir, Alina Grayzman, Ramona Hiltensperger, Jasmine Kalha, Palak Korde, Rachel Mtei, Jackie Niwemuhwezi, Mary Ramesh, Grace Ryan, Mike Slade, Lisa Wenzel & Candelaria Mahlke (2022) A multi-national peer support intervention: the UPSIDES pilot phase. Advances in Mental Health, DOI: 10.1080/18387357.2021.2020140

    Haun M, Bilmayer S, Heuer I, Mahlke C, Puschner B, Wagner M, Nixdorf R (2021) UPSIDES – Erfahrungen in Deutschland aus der Sicht von Peer Begleiter*innen und Trainer*innen [UPSIDES – experiences in Germany from the perspectives of peer support workers and peer trainers]. Sozialpsychiatrische Informationen, 51(3), 15-18. doi: 10.1486/SI-2021-03_15

    Charles A, Nixdorf R, Ibrahim N, Gai Meir L, Mpango R, Ngakongwa F, Nudds H, Pathare S, Ryan G, Repper J, Wharrad H, Wolf P, Slade M, Mahlke C (2021) Initial training for mental health peer support workers: international Delphi Consultation, JMIR Mental Health, 5, e25528. doi: 10.2196/25528

    Haun M, Nixdorf R, Heuer I, Wagner M, Bilmayer S, Mahlke C, Puschner B (2021). UPSIDES Peer-Begleitung – Gemeinsam Krisen bewältigen [UPSIDES peer support – overcoming crises together]. Gesundheitswesen, 83(04):241. doi: 10.1055/a-1395-1505

    Ibrahim N, Thompson D, Nixdorf R, Kalha J, Mpango R, Moran G, Mueller-Stierlin A, Ryan G, Mahlke C, Shamba D, Puschner B, Repper J, Slade M (2020). A systematic review of influences on implementation of peer support work for adults with mental health problems. Soc Psychiatr Psychiatr Epidemiol, 55(3):285-93. doi: 10.1007/s00127-019-01739-1

    Moran G, Kalha J, Müller-Stierlin A, Kilian R, Krumm S, Slade M, Charles A, Mahlke CI, Nixdorf R, Basangwa D, Nakku J, Mpango R, Ryan G, Shamba D, Ramesh M, Ngakongwa F, Grayzman A, Pathare S, Mayer B, Puschner B (2020). Peer support for people with severe mental illness versus usual care in high-, middle- and low-income countries: study protocol for a pragmatic multicentre randomised controlled trial (UPSIDES-RCT). Trails, 21(1):371. doi:10.1186/s13063-020-4177-7

    Mpango R, Kalha J, Shamba D, Ramesh M, Ngakongwa F, Kulkarni A, Korde P, Nakku J and Ryan GK (2020). Challenges to peer support in low- and middle-income countries during COVID-19. Globalization and Health, 16(1):90. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1186/s12992-020-00622-y

    Charles A, Thompson D, Nixdorf R, Ryan G, Shamba D, Kalha J, Moran G, Hiltensperger R, Mahlke C, Puschner B, Repper J, Slade M, Mpango R (2020). A typology of modifications to peer support work for adults with mental health problems: systematic review, Br J Psychiatry, 216(6), 301-7. doi: 10.1192/bjp.2019.264

    Puschner B, Repper J, Mahlke C, Nixdorf R, Basangwa D, Nakku J, Ryan G, Baillie D, Shamba D, Ramesh M, Moran G, Lachmann M, Kalha J, Pathare S, Müller-Stierlin A, Slade M (2019). Using Peer Support in Developing Empowering Mental Health Services (UPSIDES): Background, Rationale and Methodology. Ann Glob Health, 85(1), 53, 1–10. doi: 10.5334/aogh.2435

    Ryan G, Semrau M, Nkurunungi E, Mpango R. (2019). Service user involvement in global mental health: what have we learned from recent research in low and middle-income countries? Curr Opin Psychiatr 2019;32:355–60. doi: 10.1097/YCO.0000000000000506

    Puschner B. (2018) Peer support and global mental health. Epidemiol Psychiatr Sci, 27(5), 413-414. doi:10.1017/S204579601800015X

    Books and book chapters

    Conference Contributions

    Manfred Lohner*, Lisa Wenzel*, Stefan Bilmayer, Maria Haun, Ramona Hiltensperger, David Meinecke, Martin Peters, Claudia Rohrmoser, Sabine Rogg, Celine Scheffold, Maria Wagner, Iris Zimmermann & Bernd Puschner (2022) Peer support in the UPSIDES study: peer support workers' perspective. Poster, 14th International ENMESH conference. Download, DOI

    Nixdorf R., Charles A., Gai Meir L., Garber-Epstein P., Hadas Grundman S., Hiltensperger R., Kulkarni A., Mtei R., Puschner B., Ryan G., Slade M., Mahlke C. (2020). Development of a global mental health peer support worker training program. Poster, GACD Annual Scientific Meeting, 10-13/11/2020, online: Download

    DGPPN Kogress: Download

    GACD Annual Scientific Meeting on the implementation of UPSIDES by Ramona Hiltensperger: Download

    Nakku J. (2019). Developing Service User Involvement in Mental Health Care in Uganda. Poster, GACD Annual Scientific Meeting, 13-15/11/2019, Bangkok, Thailand: Download

    Nixdorf R., Heuer I. (2020). UPSIDES: development of a global peer support intervention. Paper in Symposium “UPSIDES: a global peer support project”, DGPPN Kongress (online), 26-28/11/2020: Watch

    Kalha J. (2020). Peer support: experiences from Uganda, Tanzania and India. Paper in Symposium “UPSIDES: a global peer support project”, DGPPN Kongress (online), 26-28/11/2020: Watch

    Ryan G. (2020). Peer support and corona: challenges and outlook. Paper in Symposium “UPSIDES: a global peer support project”, DGPPN Kongress (online), 26-28/11/2020: Watch

    Wenzel L., Moran G. (2020). Implementation of the UPSIDES peer support intervention: first experiences from Israel and Germany. Paper in Symposium “UPSIDES: a global peer support project”, DGPPN Kongress (online), 26-28/11/2020: Watch

    Translation of scales used in the UPSIDES RCT

    These are the translations of outcome measures that have been developed during the UPSIDES project. If a cell is empty, it means a translation was already freely available before the UPSIDES study. The scales are abbreviated below as follows:

    Social Inclusion Measure (SIM), Empowerment Scale (ES), Stages of Recovery Instrument (STORI-30), brief INSPIRE (brief INSPIRE), Health of the Nation outcome scales (HoNos), Client Sociodemographic and Service Receipt Inventory (CSSRI), Threshold assessment grid (TAG), Mental Illness: Clinician's Attitudes Scale (MICA-4), Recovery-oriented peer provider (ROPP), Resilience Scale for Adults (RSA-R).


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